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Lush and vibrant collection of long stemmed seasonal mix of Australian natives, Proteas and Leucadendron with mix foliage and gum. We like to use a variety of flowers which would dry nicely as well. Some of the varieties we use are supplied to us already dry as Billy buttons, Strelingia and some of the banksias from Western Australia. Some of the flowers may have gentle color added by growers to enhance their beauty and also to brighten up naturally dull palette of native flora.
We always try to make it as close as possible to the photo, the flowers grow and develop in individual ways it is simply impossible to do an exact replica. Remember, that flowers don't come out of the machine, they made by loving hands which all different from each other as well.
Winter and early spring is the best season for native and south African varieties to bloom. Flower selection may vary due to market and seasonal availability.
This lovely bouquet comes with our signature wrapping. Vase is not included.
Large size is pictured.