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War in Ukraine has uprooted, displaced and harmed so many people & touched us all in different ways.
Haunting images of mothers and children caring their whole life in a single bag are begging me to reach out for help.
Lots of vulnerable elderly grandmothers are unable to leave their homes to get to safety, they don't have the strength to face the difficult journey ahead.
Many mothers have stayed to look after the seek family members and have almost no government support as all resources in the country are stretched to the limit.
I was born in Odesa and call Sydney my second home. I know people who fall in each of these categories. My ukranian friends here are desperately trying to help their family and friends back home.

I managed to get my Mum out to safety and can breath a sigh of relief, but many more people still need help.

Your donations will go straight to the ones who need it most and will be a life line for another beautiful human soul.

Your money will get much needed food, medicine and basic supplies for mothers in desperate situations.
Many thanks on behalf of all women of Ukraine.