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Art of bloom - Winner of Outstanding Florist category in Inner West Local Business Awards 2021

Art of bloom - Winner of Retail Presentation category in Fresh Awards by Sydney Markets 2021

We are officially the most beautiful shop in NSW and ACT! So proud :)

Let’s meet Lana Lichman - the main driving force of Art of bloom, a friendly face behind the counter and so much more as you expect from the small business owner.
We asked Lana few questions and hope the answers will help you to see and understand what kind of Art is blooming in this place.

Interview with Lana Lichman owner of beautiful boutique florist in Balmain Sydney.

Q: Why is your heart with flowers?

A: Flowers bring happiness to people’s lives – they lighten up faces and bring beauty to the world. As Dostoevsky said, “Beauty will save the world”.

Q: Where did you learn to love flowers and why? Family? School?

A: Love for flowers has been carried on through three generations of women in my family. Both of my grandmothers had beautiful gardens, one of them used to sell flowers at the local farmers market and was well known for her sensational Gladioli and Dahlias. My other grandma used to let me play among her flowerbeds and make flower dolls from her best roses. I used to get into trouble for disappearing for hours in search of wild flowers in surrounding hills – they were the best since they were “forbidden”.
My mother can grow just about anything and carried her love for flowers throughout all her life. We share the same passion, so it was only natural that I went to study floristry and never looked back.
Flowers have an amazing power to bring smiles to people’s faces – a flower crown wouldn’t turn you into a princess, but could make you feel like one. The message I convey in my work is that flowers can make the world a better place.
Flowers bring happiness to people’s lives – they lighten up faces and bring beauty to the world. As Dostoevsky said, “Beauty will save the world”.
I will add - one humble flower at the time .

Q: Why have you opened this shop?

A: This is my second business. I used to have a very busy flower kiosk also called Art of bloom in the bustling city shopping center World square. I used to come to Balmain once a week to do the flowers for one of my long standing clients - Kazbah restaurant. I got to know and love Balmain village, the quiet streets and beautiful shops, friendly locals and charming village atmosphere this place radiates. It was such a strong contrast with the constant rat race of the City that I couldn’t help but dreamed of belonging here.
I found a lovely shop with big windows to showcase my blooms and parking at the back - the rest is history. It was almost 7 years ago. I can’t believe the time. It is easy to lose track of it when you are having fun. We were welcomed by locals and I am forever grateful for their ongoing support and friendship we found with our neighbors and dear clients. We are still standing despite all the challenges and we all face.
Last year we were voted as a finalist in local business awards. It was the first time I’ve entered and was very happy to receive that letter. This year we are a finalist in National Champion Small Business Awards as well. So happy to be a part of such a wonderful community.

Q:What is your passion?

Well, it is flowers of course. The wearable designs in particular - anything from wrist corsages and flower crowns to floral dresses and jewellery. I have quite a reputation for it.
I also love educating and promoting floristry as an art form, especially on a catwalk with floral fashion projects. I love passing my knowledge, tips and tricks to students and customers. Teaching at floral workshops or demonstrating in the front of my industry professionals could be a touch intimidating at times but always brings so much joy in the end.

Q: What is your flower dream?

I have two! I always wanted to publish a book of my own designs and would LOVE to have a big annual floral show based in Sydney. We need our own Chelsea! Sydney have so many talented designers and beautiful landmarks and spaces. All we need to do is mix them together!


Art of bloom Balmain florist. Manager and Owner
Professional Florists Association of NSW Vice President 2020-2021
Professional Florists Association of NSW President 2019
Lana started her career in Ukraine 28 years ago at local trades college similar to TAFE with Horticultural and Floral design course followed by further studies in Australia complete with Diploma in Floristry (SWSI 2014).
Lana’s career spans over 25 years in flower shops of Sydney from a junior to shop manager and shop owner. She has founded 2 successful retail florists business. Demonstrated for industry associations and groups, taught recreation Floristry classes, participated in various industry competitions during Easter Show and Melbourne flower show resulting in a number of awards including first places in Professional Florists of NSW Competition 2018, 2012 and Diploma Floristry Student competition at Royal Easter Show.


Lana’s work has been featured in a variety of national and international industry publications.

2016 Australian Flower Industry
2015 Spring issue of BLOMSTER, a Nordic Floristry magazine
Collection Pan-Arab Luxury Magazine 2015
Fleur Creatif in 2014
International Floral Art Jubilee Edition in 2014 and Floral Design Magazine in 2012.

Career highlights :

Floral fashion show during Rivendell Flower and Garden Show. Sydney 2019.
Project Art director, facilitator and designer.
Link to official Rivendell Page

Floral Fashion catwalk show “Elemental” 2016 Fleuramour Flower Show, Belgium. Art director and head designer.
Link to Fleur Creatif

Floral Room display “Going Global” featuring Australian native foliage, 2015 Fleuramour Flower Show, Belgium.

Floral Fashion catwalk show
“Marie Antoinette to Steam Punk” 2014 Fleuramour Flower Show, Belgium. Art director and head designer.
Link to Youtube

Design portfolio:
Link to Carbonmade portfolio site